What Does a Liquid Face-Lift Entail? How Dermal Fillers Restore a More Youthful Appearance

If you’re discouraged by the aging face you see in the mirror every morning because it no longer matches your youthful spirit, you’re not alone. The natural aging process leads to frustrating facial lines and sagging skin, yet most people don’t want to invest the time and money or take the risks associated with surgical procedures just to look younger again.

Thankfully, with today’s advanced nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, long-lasting anti-aging remedies exist without having to go under the knife. 

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Tachuk, the medical aesthetics specialists at Viva Wellness Medical Group offer men and women the convenience and effectiveness of a liquid face-lift with high-quality dermal fillers. Never heard of a liquid face-lift? Here’s what you need to know so you can decide if fillers are right for you.

A filler for every area of your face

Dermal fillers are not a one-size-fits-all solution to aging skin. Different fillers are made for different areas of your face, and they do different jobs, like restoring lost volume in your cheeks, smoothing out lines around your nose and mouth, and plumping up your lips.

We recommend the type of filler that’s best suited to reduce the appearance of deep creases, improve facial symmetry, and give you back a more youthful version of yourself. We don’t want you to look overdone or “plastic,” which is why we customize your liquid face-lift based on your skin type, medical history, and aesthetic goals.

Depending on the areas of your face you want to enhance, your liquid face-lift can:

Typically, a liquid face-lift takes less than an hour in our office, and there’s little to no downtime — often with immediately visible results. 

The Juvéderm® collection of fillers

Dermal fillers by Juvéderm contain hyaluronic acid in a smooth, clear, injectable gel. Hyaluronic acid adds volume to aging skin and helps your skin retain moisture. As you get older, your body doesn’t produce as much of its own hyaluronic acid as it once did. Juvéderm can replenish this missing element for long-lasting results. 

Different types of Juvéderm are formulated for different areas of your face, including:

Juvéderm Vollure™ XC 

For moderate to severe parentheses lines around your nose and mouth, Juvéderm Vollure XC softens their appearance for up to 18 months. 

Juvéderm Voluma® XC

Juvédem Voluma XC is designed to restore lost cheek volume and provide lift and contour to sagging skin and hollow cheeks. It works below the surface of your skin to restore volume from inside out. Juvéderm Voluma XC lasts up to two years. 

Juvéderm for lips

If you have vertical “lipstick lines” in and around your lips, Juvéderm Volbella® XC reduces their appearance and adds subtle, natural volume to your mouth area. It can last up to a year. If it’s more volume you’re after, Juvéderm Ultra XC adds fullness and plumps up thinning lips. It lasts up to a year. 

How Restylane® fillers work

We may recommend the Restylane collection of dermal fillers for your liquid face-lift for certain areas of your face. Like Juvéderm, Restylane contains hyaluronic acid, but Restylane is formulated differently. 

Wrinkles, lips, and cheeks

Restylane (for facial wrinkles and folds), Restylane Silk (for lips and the lines around your lips), and Restylane Lyft (for cheeks and facial wrinkles) contain small particles that are uniquely tailored to the specific area of your face.

Finer particles work best for fine wrinkles and detailed shaping. Medium particles work best on moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around your nose and mouth, and larger particles are made to reduce the appearance of severe wrinkles and add volume to sagging and sunken areas of your face.

Moderate to deep smile and laugh lines

Restylane Refyne (for moderate smile and laugh lines) and Restylane Defyne (for deep smile and laugh lines) are flexible hyaluronic acid gels. This means you get maximum results and maximum flexibility to make your natural facial expressions and look like a younger version of yourself doing so. 

Unlike Juvéderm, Restylane results can take a few days before you notice a difference. Restylane fillers last from 6-18 months. 

Using these high-quality dermal fillers, among others, as well as Botox® for forehead lines and crow’s feet, we can fine-tune your liquid face-lift to address all of your anti-aging concerns. Better still, you get all of this from an in-office appointment where we use cosmetic injectables — no knives, no stitches, and no long recovery period.

Are you ready to schedule your liquid face-lift? Check out our March specials, and give our San Diego, California, office a call at 619-369-3081 to schedule a consultation. You can also request an appointment online anytime.

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