I Don’t Like My Double Chin: Can You Help?

I Don’t Like My Double Chin: Can You Help?

Although being overweight can contribute to your double chin, age and genetics are two of the most common influences — and you can’t do anything about them. You can, however, do something about the stubborn fat you have hanging out under your chin.

Dr. Michael Tachuk and our team at Viva Wellness Medical Group help women and men throughout San Diego, California, fight the hand nature dealt them and get rid of their double chin for good. Here’s how.

Can exercise reduce my double chin?

To a certain extent, exercise may be able to reduce the amount of fat under your chin — called submental fat — in two ways.

  1. Exercise burns calories and helps you lose body fat, which may include the fat under your chin, although you can’t target specific areas of body fat.
  2. Exercises that strengthen the muscles in your neck may help, as poor posture and slack muscles can be part of your double chin problem.

However, if your submental fat stems from factors beyond your control, such as genetics and aging, you need professional help to slim your chin.

How we get rid of your double chin

For many years, invasive liposuction was the only way to get rid of submental fat. Now, you can get the job done with an injectable treatment called Kybella®, the only prescription injectable approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to slenderize the skin under your chin. 

The treatment uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance your body already produces to break down and absorb fat. Dr. Tachuk injects the solution into the fatty tissue under your chin, and the acid destroys the fat cells in the area. 

Once destroyed, those cells can no longer plump up with fat. In fact, they can’t function at all, so your body removes them through the lymphatic system.

With Kybella, there are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no downtime. Each treatment session involves 20-50 injections strategically placed to target your problem areas. Although some patients report some mild discomfort and minor inflammation, most say the side effects fade away quickly. 

You may need more than one treatment session for maximum results, and Dr. Tachuk lets you know what to expect during your consultation.

A safe and effective way to banish your double chin

It’s important to choose your Kybella administrator wisely. The active ingredient in the injection is highly effective when used with skill, knowledge, and precision, but it can also destroy other types of cells if injected incorrectly. 

Dr. Tachuk is an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon associated with:

Dr. Tachuk is highly qualified to administer Kybella safely and effectively, and you can join the numerous satisfied patients who trust him to fight the aging process and sculpt their profiles. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for Kybella, book an appointment online or call our friendly staff today.

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